In 2014 a group of  young talent beings had an idea and clear vision of what they wanted their hometown to become, they believed in its beauty, in its uniqueness and in its ample potential.  They saw that there was enormous public interest in the Caribbean lifestyle and tropical content.. people craving for a taste of tropical living… And that’s what we do! We cater prime content of all sorts via our several media platforms; everyday trying to improve our services and finding innovative ways to relate our content to what has already been established in Terrenas.

We believe in the potential of Las Terrenas and we are passionate to
collaborate in the evolution of this town. Our goal is to increase the flow of tourists, both local as foreigners, giving more space to the best establishments and activities present in the area.

We bring ordinary people directly to the frontier of exploration as we crowdfund innovative and exciting experiences through digital communication, media marketing and a complete content experience.  Our diverse team covers contrasting fields, from event organization to digital communication, the TP team has dedicated itself to the marketing and management of networks, creating a coherent alliance and linked community, all playing an influential part in this project.

Our mission is to empower locals and expats to advance marketing strategies and musical experiences in Las Terrenas. We introduce people to the wonders of media exposure bridging the gap between the tropical lifestyle we are living and the general public.

Events & Musical Experience

We’re energetic and experienced when it comes to event organization and musical experiences. We are used to working with big known brands , with a great influence in the country. We cater to our public a wide range of groovy affairs, never forgetting our tropical roots.

Social Media

Social media success comes to brands that have something to say, and know how to say it best. From blogs to Instagram, Snaps to Facebook, our in-house team creates content that drives business results. We help local businesses set their social media strategy, execute on it and measure the results.

Digital Marketing

We’ve adopted an extremely unique business model that drives top line results for your business using various digital marketing. We recognize different and unique ways to keep your users engaged. We are not your traditional next door digital marketing agency!

The Terrenas Experience

We offer our Terrenas Experience service. Organizing and catering a complete escapade in this lovely corner of the earth.  We can do it all! From offering a wide range of diverse accommodations, excursions and private events.. to simply helping you rent a vehicle in the area.

Community Involvement

We have always cared deeply for the evolution and growth of this eclectic town. Our main focus has always been the involvement of the local community through our campaigns and work strategies. We have worked hard during the last years to establish a friendly support from our local businesses, do to fact that we all hold the same goal " Increase the Interest & Tourist Flow In Las Terrenas".

Allies & Linked Companies

We've partnered with "Supply Companies" and have created "Sub-collectives"  to accelerate the growth of online business. Combining services and creative expertise, we have built relationships and diverse strategies for our many fields of interest. Integrating content,  our Subs contribute to what we have created.

Team Members

These are our TP team members... We’re millennials and understand how our generation communicates. Our knowledge of the digital marketing space and relationships with business, marketing and advertising, has allowed us to work and build a sundry team.