We are ready to say hello to the beginning of 2019’s high season. The high seasons for Dominican Republic tourism are from mid-November to mid-March and in July and August.

Prices for hotels, flights, and other expenses are higher during peak times, but the resorts and cities have an energy and pulse that is lacking in the off-season. A trip to the Dominican Republic may be slightly more expensive in the peak season, but it can be worth the price for the atmosphere, especially if you are planning a Dominican Republic vacation to one of the smaller cities, such as Las Terrenas.

I can not deny the the fact that Las Terrenas is one of the best tourist destination in the country all year round; but the the truth is, that there is better times during the year to visit. Locals and residents in Las Terrenas get excited to welcome the high season… seeing the first group of visitor arrive, seeing the foot traffic spread, the beaches get crowded and the business thrive.

Las Terrenas is ready to welcome the winter and the Peak of this season, as the  climate is at its optimum, having cooled down a little from the summer.  These months are when Las Terrenas sees its busiest times, it’s swamped with Europeans and North Americans trying to run from the rough winter . The larger hotels and resorts catch most of the traffic but there are enough independent travellers and backpackers to keep the smaller bars and restaurants busy, and everybody tends to come together later in the evening to crowd out the livelier bars and discos to the early hours.   

The town makes a pleasant base-camp from which to explore the northern part of the Samaná Peninsula, including the less-developed beaches on either side, such as Coson and Portillo.

From our perspective we are always delighted to welcome the winter season to Las Terrenas, it is our favorite season, do to the holiday ambiance and festive vibes throughout town.  For a few consecutive years now; we have brought Terrenas special holiday gatherings, and we have our surprises for this season.